Solar Energy System

Suqma Technopro is one of the leading solar solutions company providing all ranged customised solutions and products to customers in all the sectors. We are well known professionally competence source in solar energy market starting from designing till execution. Our market and technical knowledge with quality products and commitments are the key factors leading us to enhance our customer data base.

Our market and technical knowledge has given us the opportunity to operate as one of the best source in solar products.

The considerable increasing trend in solar sector needs help in reliability, timely delivery and competitive prices whereby we want to be the source in all segments covering the middle and end user market. We are currently working to establish leading role in commercial sectors to provide solar solutions for industrial sector and in Government projects.

Our technical experiences along with our approach will place us as top player in Government and industrial projects. Our focused working to meet the requirement of agro industry has placed us one of the best reliable source for creating customised solutions to meet the requirements.

We have successfully achieved in creating a new structural requirement helped in optimum performance of the unit.

Our recommended solutions meet the requirement from individual to community levels even small indoor & outdoor light system solutions on DC and AC operated system.

We are determined to help individuals, organisations and government in providing uninterrupted energy alternate source to meet day to day energy requirement.

Our Products are

  • Solar Panels
  • Inverters
  • Batteries
  • Charge Controllers
  • Solar Stands
  • Sun Light Tracker
  • DC Fans
  • Solar Circuits
  • Water Pumps
  • Solar Geysers
  • Street & Security Lights
  • LED Lights
  • Street Light Poles